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My name is Jack Lohman. I'm a retired business owner, though my family calls me unemployed. I like it nonetheless. I am an advocate for campaign finance and health care reform. I am employed by no one, and at 74 nobody would have me anyway. But I'm deeply concerned with the direction of the country. I'm a center-right Republican, though the right-wingers call me left wing and the left-wingers call me right wing. I like it that way. I authored "Politicians - Owned and Operated by Corporate America," and operate the following websites: www.ThrowTheRascalsOut.org (political advocacy) www.BusinessCoalition.net Business Coalition for Single-Payer Healthcare (a founding member) www.MoneyedPoliticians.com (Book site: "Politicians - Owned and Operated by Corporate America") www.WiCleanElections.org (Describes the benefits of public funding of campaigns) www.SmokeFreeDining.net (Searchable database for smoke free restaurants) I can be reached at jelohman@gmail.com

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